Pia Zadora is an icon, mostly because of two 80's films:
"Butterfly" and "Lonely Lady", and also because of her
appearance at the "Cannes Film Festival" in May 1982
where she posed in a one piece ( sort-of ) swimsuit. She
posed on a motercycle and in a fountain. ( One pose
was also done at a separate photo shoot for a poster ).
To date only a few of these photos have surfaced, which
is odd considering Pia's cult status today and the many
cameras there as seen in this photo:

The other interesting thing is the MOVIE CAMERAS present. No film footage has ever
surfaced! This web site is an effort to track down any other photos/info from magazines,
newspapers, and websites, and any photographers there that day who may have any
unpublished photos, film or video. Anyone has any info please send it to me. Also, I do
not have access to any pay sites that may have photos, so if anyone can send what may
be on any of those, it would be helpfull. You are welcome to send any other unpublished
"non Cannes" related photos of Pia, but it would be best to post them at the Yahoo club
listed below as this site is mainly for the "Cannes" photos and information. The other Pia
Zadora sites below provide additional information on all other aspects of Pia's career.

June 13th, 2016:
Long time coming but photo updates:

Added 4 pics:
1 Backside,
1 Motorcycle,
1 Front.
1 Close up face shot.

Let me know if anyone gets these updates and like the site: jsstcb@att.net

Currently known photos:


Some larger versions

This shot shows the poster was shot BEFORE Cannes.

<< interesting that this girl
in the crowd is getting less
attention than Pia, maybe
it's the flute player!




Protecting the stars from enthusiastic crowds and eager press can be tricky. At
her first Cannes 25 years ago, young press agent Leslee Dart didn't know what to
expect when she escorted diminutive star Pia Zadora to her first Cannes photo call.
"The paparazzi swarmed her when she turned up in front of the Carlton in a thong
bikini," Dart says. "So much so that the only safe place for her was literally in the
fountain. Photographers were three-deep all the way around the pool area. I couldn't
get to her. (Veteran French publicist) George Kirvay waded into the water, lifted her
out and carried her fast as hell back to her suite at the Carlton."

What Pia had to say about this appearance in an interview:

Question: What went thru your head when you were standing there, almost
nude in the fountain at Cannes with eight million photographers around?

Pia: I wasn't nude. I had a backless bathing suit. At that time I was not really
communicating with my own emotions. All of a sudden I was in this whirlwind
of publicity. I went there with this bathing suit on, never expecting to be
swarmed - I'm sure the press people knew what they were doing when they
took me out there, but little did I know!

Other photos of Pia at Cannes.

The Poster:

Original Poster

Altered Poster

Poster photo session:

Trade add:

Poster photo on Promo Jacket & T-shirt:

There is a photo of pia & a statue made of her in this pose. When I find it, It will be posted.

Other photos using the same poses:

Same suit from another photo session:

Magazines with same suit or pose:


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